Best Firestick Keyboard | Fire TV Wireless Bluethooth Keyboard


Firestick is definitely one of the greatest additions in a home as it has a variety of apps, games, etc to keep an individual or group of friends or family entertained for quite a good period of time. But at times, the Firestick remote can become a little difficult to operate and sometimes even when you have to perform a simple search using the on-screen keyboard. We are saying all this from our personal experience and from what we have seen around us. Also, many of the apps are not quite compatible with the remote and that’s where a good Wireless Bluetooth Firestick keyboard comes to the rescue.

Best Firestick Keyboard of 2020 – Our Top Picks!

In this article, we are going to review the best keyboard for amazon fire tv & Firestick. We have also added some good Bluetooth keyboard for Firestick and all the wireless keyboard listed here has a good customers review on amazon.

1) Auvipal R9

best keyboard for amazon fire tv

If you are looking for a small and cute mini firestick keyboard that would get most of your tasks done with quite an ease then you should definitely go for Auvipal R9. This wireless fire tv keyboard consists of a touchpad right in the center. It will easily help you get rid of the pointing and clicking, which was a concern for many including people like you and me.


The Firestick keyboard is quite in the size of a game controller. For the dark phase, it has got the bright lit up keys which come quite handy. In the initial phase, you may have a bit of confusion with the buttons especially if you haven’t used a Bluetooth keyboard before but a few days pass, we estimate that you should get a sort of hang of it. From then, you can even control the tasks from another room or corner of your house.

2) iPazzPort Mini

bluetooth keyboard for fire stick

The company behind the keyboard is quite popular for making similar kinds of wireless Bluetooth fire tv stick keyboards that are quite hit especially among the youth. These guys manufactured the KP-810-30B for the first generation of Firestick but over time, people realized that the keyboard isn’t working in the latest versions or upgradations. It’s a combination of both standard remote and keyboard. The best part of all is that it even has support for Alexa, which makes it a kind of perfect wireless keyboard.

In the device, you can come across eight programmable IR buttons. Just like the above keyboard, this one too has a backlight so that your experience isn’t interrupted anyhow in the dark.  The alignment and placing of the keyboard buttons have been done pretty well, considering the fact that it’s a combination of both keyboard and remote controller functions.

3) Fintie

keyboard for firestick

The keyboard holds a size of 10-inch which works with most of the Bluetooth devices including your Firestick. To add to the safety and security, the connection is secured with the help of security which acts as an extra layer of protection. Every button of the keyboard right from your home to the search button seems to deliver flawless results.

We have come across a lot of Bluetooth keyboard but for some reason, this brand and size seem to catch our attention. We feel that this firestick keyboard should work out with most of the masses out there. It’s super sexy, super thin and basically consists of every other factor that could make it a perfect choice for most. The keyboard is quite thin but the feel is just hard and sturdy just the way it’s on the normal traditional keyboards in the market.

4) Jelly Comb

amazon fire stick keyboard

If you want to bring the ultimate level of comfort to your fingertips while typing then blindly go ahead with this wireless Bluetooth keyboard for amazon fire stick. The electronic device has been made keeping mobility in mind as, during our test, we could see that it is very much compact. When you actually sit down to typing, you will just feel like you are working on a regular-sized keyboard. You see, this is called creativity and intelligence both together!

It utilizes your day to day household battery that should work efficiently even after months of usage, at least that’s what users have to claim. At this price, you should definitely grab this deal. When talking about the keyboard size, it could be categorized somewhere between a standard unit and a mini. It supports various devices right from your Firestick to iPad Pro. The company behind this product is quite well accepted in the market, so you shouldn’t have any issues and if even some issue arises then also you need not worry as you can always initiate further actions as per the situation.

How to Connect Wireless Keyboard to Firestick?

If you think that connecting any wireless keyboard to Firestick can be a little difficult then it’s time to change your thinking. We have got step by step methods to connect a wireless keyboard to your Firestick device. Just keep one point in mind and i.e., this is a general keyboard setup, at times, some keyboards may have a different way of setting up with a device. But, still, generally, the whole setup process is easy and similar in a lot of areas. Keep reading to know more!

  • Open up your Firestick device
  • Head to the settings tab
  • Beneath your settings page, look for the option, Controllers and Bluetooth devices and click on it.
  • Now, select other Bluetooth devices
  • Proceed by choosing, Add Bluetooth Devices
  • Get your Bluetooth keyboard in front of you and click on the pairing mode button to set the gadget into pairing mode.
  • If everything has been performed correctly then your Firestick would have been successfully connected to the wireless keyboard.
  • Test the regular keyboard keys and if everything seems to be normal then you can start using the Android apps like browser, games, etc.


The Firestick remote is definitely great at its functionality but when it comes down to typing, it loses the match. The on-screen keyboard can get a lot annoying and the best way to avoid is to invest in a budget-friendly wireless Bluetooth keyboard for firestick. The above-listed units are the ones that have been tested and after a lot of research only we have included them in the list of best Firestick keyboards in 2020. If you feel that you have any other wireless keyboard suggestion in your mind that you think can give a tough competition to the above-listed ones then let us know in the comments below.