What is a Jailbroken FireStick? Is it illegal?

If you have walked into this article, you are probably looking to do some tinkering with your Firestick. But one term that often creeps up in such discussions is the term Jailbreak. Some of you might be familiar with the term while others not much so. Regardless of whether you heard it or not, the one thing you are probably wondering is is jailbreaking firestick legal or not. I do confess that the word definitely sounds like something illegal. Jailbreaking gives you the advantage of using uses devices’ capabilities to a higher extent.

Many firestick users have a question about jailbreking like is jailbreak fire stick illegal? Should I use jailbroken firestick or not? Should i buy jailbroken amazon firestick? If you are also one of them this post will clear all your doubts for sure. This article is aimed at discussing some of the potential worries that you might have regarding your firestick and jailbreaking it.

What is a Jailbroken Firestick?


Attention FireStick Users – Read Before You Continue

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Let’s look at jailbreaking in general first. Simply put, jailbreaking means to bypass the restrictions on your device that were put there in the first place by the manufacturers or developers.

By jailbreaking firestick, you can easily get access to the whole of the capabilities of the device. You will be easily able to download apps and modifications of apps that you earlier could not. But doing this means that you rip out the security protocols that the developers set up. If you are not careful or you don’t know what you are doing, you might end up in trouble. Additionally, by jailbreaking you automatically forfeit the warranty of your device.

Now let’s get down to what this means to our firestick. Actually Jailbreaking firestick has come about as slang for installing Kodi in it. These days jailbroken firestick means that one has installed a media server software into his or her firestick. So what people are actually doing is, in fact, sideloading Kodi. This is great as it allows the users to stream contents that were earlier unavailable to them.

So even though people are not technically jailbreaking their firestick, installing Kodi or any such media player is now known by that name. While sideloading allows the user to install unapproved apps such as third-party apps, jailbreaking gives you complete access to the device’s capabilities. Hence sideloading is the correct term and jailbroken is the new name given to such a firestick.

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Is it illegal to jailbreak Amazon FireStick?

Since we have established that it is possible to jailbreak rather sideload your firestick, now comes the big question. Is it illegal to use a jailbroken firestick OR is a jailbroken firestick legal? Well, to finally answer your question, it is not illegal. Even kids with a little tech knowledge or even people with access to Google (which by the by is everyone) easily jailbreak their fire TV stick these days. On the basis of the legal side, it is our property and you can do what you want with it. But as long as you do not interfere or harm someone else’s well being or interests.

Hence you can jailbreak your firestick without any legal trouble. Kodi is a reputable legal software and you can install it along with its add-ons without any trouble as well. Jailbreaking and downloading Kodi will give you access to loads of free content that was not available to you earlier. There are thousands of channels, videos, and movies that were not free or may have been blocked in your country. But everything comes with a catch.

Though jailbreaking or using Kodi is not illegal what you do with your jailbroken firestick can get you in trouble. Always be careful around content with copyrights. Accessing copyrighted content without making any form of payment is always illegal. This is what pirating is. You will get a hard time either from your Internet Serice Provider or with the Government depending on the copyright laws of your country. Your Internet Service Provider may even block your internet account for pirating. Additionally, Kodi is known to have strict policies and actions against people who misuse their products.

So whether jailbreaking is illegal will depend on the way you use your device.

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Using a VPN for Safe streaming

But you can avoid all the above-mentioned troubles by simply using a VPN ( Virtual Private Network). A VPN or virtual private network is a program that allows the user to make a safe connection over a network such as the public internet which is less secure. But a word of warning, using a VPN is a bit in the grey area between legal and illegal. You will be responsible for the way you use it and you will get in trouble if anything illegal you do gets traced back to you. Hence if you want to use a VPN, be sure to use a good one instead of the free stuff you get from the internet.


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Jailbreaking your firestick will grant you access to contents that were not available to you earlier. While doing so is not illegal, you could get in trouble if you try to access copyrighted content. I hope now you know using jailbroken FireStick is not illegal and it all depends on how you use your jailbroken fire tv device. The way around this trouble is to install a VPN but you will still be at risk if the VPN is not secure enough. So be careful while making your decision.


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