Best Kodi Builds With No Buffering (Updated)

In this guide, we round up the best Kodi builds for Firestick, Fire TV Cube, Fire Stick 4K, Android TV Box, Tablets, Android Mobiles, Windows, MAC, Raspberry Pi, and all other Kodi compatible platforms. These Builds are supported on Kodi 18 Leia as well as  Kodi 17.6 Krypton.

In Today’s date, Kodi is undoubtedly the most reliable and stable media management application across multiple platforms. Since it’s just a media streaming application, there’s no content stored on it for users to watch. In order to be able to stream content, you’ll have to manually install video addons, which again, might turn out to be a tedious task for a lot of users out there. Fortunately, there are various Kodi Builds that come with tons of video addons for streaming movies or TV shows or Live TV channels, etc.

There are quite a lot of Kodi builds on the internet, to say the least, therefore, making it difficult for users to choose. In fact, I’ve wasted loads of time on finding a reliable yet simple Kodi builds that caters to my streaming requirements. At this point, I assume it’s safe to say that I’ve tried pretty much all the popular builds. The main purpose of this article is to make you aware of all the best Kodi builds that are currently working.

What is Kodi Builds?

It’s essential for users to understand the term “Build” before jumping into the list straight away. Kodi Builds, in general, are quite useful and intriguing, since they save your time of manually installing addons to stream content. Most of the builds come with a strong bundle of addons, providing an easy way for users to stream their favorite content without any complications.

To put it in an uncluttered manner, a build comprises of all the important video addons that may need in order to stream certain media content. In short, Builds are probably the best way of customizing your Kodi, which in turn, will elevate the user experience and brings a new refreshing look to the application.

Builds add up a new interface and let you enjoy all the video addons which having to install them one by one manually. There are plenty of reasons to try Kodi builds, especially if you’re a cinephile. Also, there are risks or harm associated with the installation of Builds, in case you’re wondering! The installation procedure for builds isn’t complicated either, in fact, the process is similar to that of addons. Go ahead and give it a try, you’ll figure out your way through the procedure in no time.

Now that you know how important Kodi build is, let us look at some of the Top Kodi builds that one can find.

Best Kodi Builds 2020

In the following list, I’ve put together a handful of best and reliable Kodi builds that are currently working. The builds mentioned in the list below are suitable for all kinds of Kodi versions including the latest Kodi 18.7 Leia & 17.6 Krypton. All of them perform exceptionally good, you may choose to proceed with any option from the following list.

Before installing any builds to make sure you use a VPN to protect your online privacy.


Attention Kodi Users – Read Before You Continue

Please keep in mind that whatever content you’re streaming on Kodi is clearly visible to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and local authorities of your region. Kodi addons & builds offer unlimited free streaming but could also get you in legal trouble if your ISP & government found copyrighted content (Movies/TV Shows/Sports) on your Kodi. Therefore, you must be cautious and use a secure connection while using Kodi.


A VPN will help you in masking your IP address, making it impossible for anyone on the internet to track down your online activities. Not only it helps you maintain your anonymity on the Internet, but it also lets you unblock geo-restricted content. Well, there are quite a lot of VPNs available on the internet to choose from. However, the only one we believe to reliable and wholeheartedly recommend is the IPVanish VPN for Kodi.

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Here are the reasons to use a VPN on Kodi while streaming

Titanium Build

Titanium Kodi build

Titanium Build may not have a shiny and attractive interface but it’s certainly one of the best builds that provide an exhaustive library of video content. In terms of user experience and navigation, Titanium Build is fairly simple and will get your job done in just a couple of clicks. At present, the builds come with various popular video addons such as:-

  • Gaia
  • IT
  • The Magic Dragon
  • Loki
  • Exodus Redux
  • Deathstar

You can straight away get started with streaming right after the installation is complete, there’s no additional process or setup. It also provides a few content filtering options that should help you in discovering new titles in case if you’re looking for something new to watch.

How to Install Titanium Kodi Build

Xontech Build

Coming from one of the most popular developed group, Team Falcon, Xontech Build has made quite a name for itself among Kodi users. The build not only offers video addons but also a sizeable collection of Program addons for customization and utility purposes. Since it packs a ton of video addons, there’s always something to watch for users.

If you have a never-ending craving for Movies and TV shows then you might want to try the Xontech Build on your Kodi App. The build offers a straightforward interface, and the navigation is smooth as well, which is exactly what an ideal Kodi build should have.


Misfit Mods Lite

kodi builds

Misfit Mods Lite is one of the best builds available for Kodi 18.7. If you are a user who wishes to have all the entertainment in one package, then this build is for you. This build comes with music, TV shows, movies, news, sports, and live sports channels. It consists of a wide range of video streams which come with many varieties of sections and each section with multiple subcategories.

Speaking of add-ons available in Misfit Mods Lite, there are many wonderful add-ons like Yoda, cloud TV, Deathstar, Loki, Sportsdevil and The Magic Dragon. Many users claim that this is best build among the latest Kodi builds available in the market.


Streamline Build

Streamline build can stream a lot of content flawlessly which includes TV shows, sports, movies, and live TV. This build provides a user with a good list of video Kodi add-ons which can satisfy all your streaming requirements.

Streamline build comes with best add-ons like Seren, Venom, Exodus Redux, Mancave, The Magic Dragon and a lot more. You can expect total satisfaction from this build. The best feature of this build to point out would be the size. The lightweight design of the build offers excellent performance on all the Kodi devices. Even if the Kodi device is of low RAM and processing power it can perform well.

The developers have been very careful to keep this build so elegant and simple. Even if you don’t have much experience using Kodi, don’t worry. You will get used to it in no time. Even with its small size, you can stream all the content you will ever need. Believe me, you love this build once you try!


Diggz Xenon Build

Diggz Xenon Kodi Build is an amazing option, which has been praised by a lot of Kodi users in the community. The builds offer a simplified way to access tons of movies and TV shows. The builds perform flawlessly on pretty much all Kodi supported devices since it’s quite small in terms of size.

There are shortcuts and recommendations offered by the Build for users to quickly access without any fuss. Overall, Xenon Build is well suited for low-end devices, and also super easy to install as well. I haven’t found any drawbacks or downsides to complain about in my testing. Therefore, I’m pretty confident that you’ll have an excellent streaming experience on this build.

How to Install Diggz Xenon Build on Kodi

No Limits Magic

how to use no limits magic

Based on Aeon Nox skin, No Limits Magic is one of the well-favored builds in the community. The interface is quite appealing since it’s based on Neon skin. The build comes with plenty of useful video addons such as Magic Dragon, Nemesis, Monster Munich. Sports World etc, making it an ideal choice of options for all kinds of Kodi users.

It provides a comprehensive list of movies and TV shows to stream in multiple resolutions. In addition to this, you will also get to watch Live TV channels from various countries without any restrictions. The build delivers unmatched performance and streaming experience to users. Go ahead and give it a try yourself!

How to Install No Limits Magic Build

CellarDoor TV

Coming from the eponymous repository, CellarDoor TV is a feature-rich Kodi build and comes with a vast array of working addons. The build is currently equipped with addons like Seren, Numbers, The Magic Dragon, SportsDevil, etc, for fetching the requested content.

The build is super fast when it comes to loading and fetching links which makes it an ideal option for people who do not like to wait. The home screen itself is equipped with all the options and menus to navigate your way to what you’re looking for. If you’re someone who is overly concerned with the interface and buffering times then CellarDoor TV is the right option for you.


Xanax Build

download working kodi builds

Durex build was one of the most popular builds available which many users trusted once. But not anymore. It is not functional anymore. But the same developers designed Xanax build which is among the latest and popular Kodi builds you can find.

When we compare Xanax and Durex builds, they have a lot of similarities. They have a similar interface, layout, and size. But they also differ in many other aspects also. A user can naturally see that Xanax is better.

With the best add-ons like Exodus Redux, Yoda and The Magic Dragon, this builds requires only a simplistic approach. While we discuss the best Kodi builds, Xanax undoubtedly holds a place.


DoomzDay Builds

DoomzDay Builds offers you a never-ending list of content to watch whenever you want from anywhere in the world. The library section is heavily filled with the latest and popular movies and TV shows to select. In its add-ons line up, the builds boasts all the popular video addons for streaming content over the internet.

Despite being a moderately heavy build, it manages to work just as fine on the majority of the devices without any issues. The build offers a variety of customization options to enhance your viewing experience. The staff behind the Build is quite consistent with their updates and maintenance. For the most part, you would not have any problems with the build when it comes to streaming.


Blue Magic Build

First of all, the build packs a blue colored theme and interface which makes it quite pleasing to the eyes and would definitely keep you hooked for a long time. In terms of addons, the build boasts a comprehensive list of video addons to stream your desired content. The build lets you sort movies and TV show titles using filters in case if you haven’t decided what to watch.

There’s also Live TV option to catch up with your favorite TV show episodes when they’re aired on Television. The build can be installed on both Krypton and Leia version of Kodi without any complicated steps. Overall, Blue Magic Build has all the things that you would need for streaming media content.


The Joker Kodi Build

The Joker Kodi Build is underrated that has been, slowly but surely gaining a lot of support from Kodi users these days. The build comes with a plethora of operational and popular video addons, coupled with a simple and easy to navigate user interface. You may choose from a variety of video addons to stream your favorite Movies and TV shows effortlessly.

The intuitive interface and a wide list of add-ons make it quite easy for users to consume media content over the internet. The management behind this is doing a good job of improving the stability and performance of the build through periodic updates. Go ahead and give it a shot to satisfy your craving for content.



Insomniacs Wizard consists of two working builds for Kodi 18 Leia. Even though they have only a few to offer, they offer the best of Kodi 18.7 builds present. The Black and Gold builds are to be highlighted because these can provide with best user experience.

These builds are moderately sized and perform well in devices with low specs. Hence firestick and android box users must try this build. Even though it is not as powerful as most, it can cover all the basic expectations of a user. Users with less experience will find Black and Gold builds comforting. Users who wish for a simple user interface can also try this build.


Protect Yourself With VPN When Using Kodi Builds

Before you begin to stream using third party addons or builds on Kodi, it’s important to know the risks associated with them. Most of the Kodi users are installing illegal Kodi builds and addons. Governments and ISP (Internet service provider) across the world monitor their users’ online activities. If they found copyrighted content on your Kodi, you could get into serious trouble. It’s recommended to use a protected and secure connection for streaming content through addons and Builds.

A VPN network will encrypt all your data as soon as you install its software on your Kodi. VPN is a good way to hide your identity. Also, you can change your IP to simulate that you are connected from another country. It will help you to see another live-streaming app that is forbidden in your country.

With the help of a reliable VPN, your activities and connection to the internet would be private. Therefore, it’s impossible for third parties to track you. I wholeheartedly recommend the users to use VPN for browsing or streaming any type of content using third party addons and Builds to avoid any unwanted trouble. I personally use IPVanish VPN to stay away from copyright law.


IPVanish, The Best VPN For FireStick

IPVanish VPN is one of the most secure and fastest VPN in the industry. If you do not enjoy the service of the IPVanish VPN, you can ask for a refund as there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.


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Final Verdict

Well, that’s pretty much all I’ve got to share and it’s time to put an end to this article. Hopefully, the above list of the Best Kodi Builds would have given you enough options to choose from. I personally haven’t found any issues with the above-mentioned builds in my experience so far, all of them have worked seamlessly without any major issues. The addons present in the above-mentioned builds would provide you an endless list of movies, TV shows, Documentaries, Sports, News, etc. Furthermore, you can also add other addons as well as manually in case if the need arises.

Also, make sure to bookmark this page as I’ll be updating the article in the near future with new builds and stuff. If you run into any trouble or problems with the installation process of the above-mentioned builds then feel free to hit me up and let me know your thoughts through the comment section below.