How to Watch Football on Amazon Firestick


Football is a crazy sport that has worldwide recognition and popularity. There are die-hard fans of football around the globe and if there has to be one game that has definitely achieved the cult status among all the sports games then it has to be this one only. Well, we are not here to discuss about the history or importance of football rather we are here to understand the techniques or methods through which you can watch football on Firestick.

Kodi or Fire Stick have always had enough content to keep you hooked to your screens but till a few years back, there always used to be a lack in the terms of live sports coverage but in recent times things have drastically changed for the good. The people at Firestick have also started understanding the importance of live sports streaming as implementing it is one of the best ways to stay on top of the market or industry.

Attention FireStick Users – Use VPN Before Streaming

Before we head to the section of the different techniques that you can utilize to stream football on Firestick, it’s important to understand the implementation of a good and reliable VPN. Whenever the sports season is on the rise, the authorities instruct the ISPs to block the servers or channels that are allowing streaming or at times, they slow down the connection speed of the users who are detected to be streaming some sports content.

Also, at times, certain sports events are allowed to be broadcasted in a certain area or region only, for specific reasons and the only way to avoid the situations is by using a VPN. The VPN will mask your location and trick your ISP and the other necessary services will think that you are accessing the streaming from the allowed region limit only.


By using a VPN, you can also secure yourself from hackers and your ISP. I personally use IPVanish VPN and I suggest you to do the same. IPVanish is currently offering a discount to our visitors. Click here to Get IPVanish VPN Now!

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How to Watch Football on Amazon Firestick

Sports is in huge demand at the moment and it has been like this since decades and will hopefully continue to be the same in the future also. The events like Thursday Night Football & Sunday Night Football are always the most discussed topic among the football fans. A football geek wouldn’t miss on any live stream of any of the two events as the relationship with sports is something which not everybody can understand so easily.

But, it looks like the guys at Amazon have understood or analyzed the market of sports events and thus, they have partnered with NFL to broadcast 11 games for totally free of cost. Just ensure that you have the Amazon prime subscription and you are good to go! Still, let’s take a look at the additional ways through which you can stream live football on firestick.

With Sling TV

watch football on sling tv

Sling TV offers a complete choice of entertainment, as it’s a lot more than just a medium to consume only sports content. The service can be instantly installed on Firestick and from there you can access football broadcasted by ABC, NBC, and FOX after authenticating with WatchESPN, NBC and Fox Sports Go. Make sure that you are somehow subscribed to these services and now that could even be through the channel packages as after that only you will be able to watch your favorite football matches.

NFL Sunday Ticket

NFL Sunday Ticket from DirecTV is a very popular streaming service for football. Mostly all of the Sunday games are a part of the stream and you may have access to some extra content also depending upon the package that you decide to choose from the available three options. Easily install DirecTv on your system and start accessing the content.

Learn How to Install DirecTV on Firestick


If you are primarily focused only on football, which you are most probably as you are reading this article then you must go for ESPN. The coverage for football is quite decent and hopefully, the football fans won’t be disappointed in any manner. In their streaming package, you can find Monday Night Football, which is a kind of treat for many. Just install WatchESPN on your Firestick and you will have access to all the channel content.

How to Watch ESPN on Firestick

CBS all access

live soccer with CBS all access

Firestick is the home for CBS All Access also, which is available at a price of $6 a month. Through it, you can watch all the NFL games. Quite cool, isn’t it? The games shown on CBS plus Super Bowl will be streamed until 2022 as that’s the period of license expiration. The games would contain commercials also and if by any chance you are looking for the commercial-free version then you can buy the $10/month subscription.

How to Install CBS on Amazon Fire TV


We personally won’t recommend this service as it doesn’t hold much of great coverage and if you are dedicated and die-hard Soccer fan then you may get a bit disappointed by the output that the service provides. But, if you are already a subscriber of Hulu then they provide you some football content in the same package or price that you have paid initially. You can directly use the Hulu app by downloading and installing on your Firestick.

How to get Hulu Live TV on Fire TV Stick

Mobdro (Free)

live football on mobdro

Mobdro is also one of the best apps to watch live football on amazon fire tv. Mobdro is a commonly used live TV streaming app which is widely popular among the audience. Here, you can find thousands of channels of different genres from different parts of the world. The Sports category contains a lot of channels which could stream the football for free of cost.

How to Install Mobdro on FireStick

Final Words

We hope that by now you would have understood the different ways through which you can start watching Football on Firestick. If you are an Amazon Prime customer then you may have access to the free sports content but if you are not or aren’t satisfied with the already shown content then you must move towards the third party options.